VoicEssence Workshop

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“VoicEssence is a new space…It is happening right now between all of us.
It is a magical door to infinite information and healing.”


What is VoicEssence?

Music is a state of freedom. It happens once we let go of ideas and wishes and simply let life flow through us naturally and harmonically.
When ride the wave of our breath and experience that trance, we become our natural voice, the singer, the song and the great mystery...
we become music!

VoicEssence is a Vocal-Breath journey where profound life-changing experiences occur. People are able to meet their deepest essence, life force and creativity through breath, sound and movement. It is a space where pure love rules, harmony is in action and magic happens.

Within a safe, playful and inspiring environment, Laor provides guidance through special breathing techniques, free movement, wild vocal expressions and improvisations. She shares her healing songs and co-creates new music rising in the moment with the group.

“VoicEssence is a journey of the heart. Singing our true nature individually and as a circle, a community,a tribe, helping each other to be present by witnessing each other's natural state and sound.”

What to expect?

VoicEssence will transform your connection with yourself and your life. You will nurture self-love and compassion. You will feel divine music flowing. You will release negative patterns and pains, making space for new visions and manifestations. You will Re-member your cells, innermost self and the joy of being alive!

"I discovered that the Voice is the key to the soul and that by allowing sound and breath to travel through all of my cells I experience a feeling of awakening like nothing else I’ve ever experienced."

Is it for me?

VoicEssence is designed for anyone and everyone who wishes to explore themselves and their life through music and singing. It is for those interested to discover the infinite power of the voice and it’s healing abilities. No previous experience required.
Inhaling life and expansion, Exhaling Sound, Voice and Truth… Inhaling New, Fresh and Wild, Exhaling Wisdom, Playfulness and Vitality.

What people are saying?

“My journey with Laor is a heart opening experience. My heart delves into tenderness, opening, softening and then journeying to joy, laughter and lightness. Laor has sublime sensitivity and a playful open spirit. Thank you for the gift of Love...”

Vivienne Lee Lalot – New Zealand

"I went to Laor’s voice workshop hoping ‘I would love to sing more and improve my voice’. What I didn’t realize is that Laor’s workshop is not just about diaphragm and vocal chords but the whole body comes out singing: heart, hands, eyes, hair, skin, every cell in the body. Much more happens in there than I imagined… Theatre, therapy, painting, poetry, yoga, meditation, dance. Pure alchemy. Welcome to Laor’s musical garden of sounds, colors and fragrances."

Serenella Cazac – Ibiza

“Each time I come to your song circles I let go of so much of my 'story'. The space you hold opens up deep layers of resonance and trust and it is a relief to come back home, into my heart. Each time I leave I feel light, embraced and showered with love and a deep openness and sweetness in my being. It makes me laugh to think that I could ever forget this space in myself and yet every time I join you I have another 'Aha' moment- you bring me back to Truth each time. Your simplicity is such a gift. I love working with you- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”

Kate Patzelt – Germany


VoicEssence workshop

June 5th & 6th
SING YOUR SONG 2 journeys Zoom online
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Laor Oman-Naharin is a unique musician and an inner-journey travel guide whose main passion is to inspire and guide people to discover the power of their voice and its healing abilities and to deepen their musicality.